It began with a passion.

Jnana Organics began out of a passion for juice and the knowledge that eating organic, wholesome foods can have a soothing and powerful healing effect on the Body, Mind and Spirit …. and of course, a love of all things YOGA!

The company was founded by Patricia Trongone in 2010  to provide individuals and families an antidote to the fast foods currently dominating many diets leading to obesity and illnesses. 

Patricia is author of the Chakra Mantra Cookbook, a compilation of delicious, healthy, vegan recipes  from friends and family as well as mantras & affirmations to stimulate the energy centers (Chakras) in the body. She is a certified yoga teacher and graduate of Integrative Nutrition and an ongoing student at the Natural Gourmet Cooking School in New York. 

Jnana Organics products are unique and unsurpassed in both quality and freshness because they are made-to-order in a mindful setting with love and positive intentions in every product. which translates into feeling your best! Once you experience the Jnana Organics products, whether it be a full week cleanse, or just picking up a salad, one can immediately feel the powerful and mindful effects of Jnana Organics.

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